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Slim Princess. Tongs Fille

Slim Princess. Tongs Fille


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Brazil's original and authentic flip-flops especially for girls featuring Disney princesses. seen here with Elsa and Ana from the popular Disney film Frozen. These flip flops are made in Brazil. feature a rubber sole and are durable. lightweight. heat-resistant. non-slip and water-resistant. Also available in the following prints Cinderella. Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. Our sizes are available in UK but are displayed on the box in Brazilian. Please see the size conversions below BRA-25/26 - UK 8/9. BRA-27/28 - UK 10/11. BRA-29/30 - UK 12. BRA-31/32 - UK 13. BRA-33/34 - UK 1/2. BRA-35/36 - UK 3/4.
Dessus: Caoutchouc
Doublure: Non doublé
Semelle intérieure: Sans
Matériau de semelle: Caoutchouc
Largeur de la chaussure: Moyen
Semelle: Basse
Fermeture: A enfiler